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Regardless of the type of fuel consumed, the generation and brand of the car, there is only one thing that unites all vehicles – the need for regular technical inspection and maintenance.

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CarCityCare auto service

Timely inspection, replacement of consumables and repair of worn-out spare parts allows the owner to maintain the car in working condition, maintain the integrity and correct functioning of all major vehicle systems. Scheduled technical inspection should be carried out at least 1-2 times a year (on average every 12,000 miles).

At the same time, it should be borne in mind that a premature visit to the service may be necessary if at least one of the main signs of a car breakdown is detected:

  • Warning lights on the dashboard, notifying of the need for maintenance.
  • The appearance of strange unnatural sounds (rattling, clicking, hissing, etc.) during the car operation.
  • Mechanical fluid dripping or flowing from under the hood space (it can be red, amber, black, green or brown).
  • A noticeable decrease in power while driving, twitching or stopping the car when driving.
  • Reducing the efficiency of the brakes.
  • The appearance of smoke coming from under the hood space or exhaust pipe.
  • Unusual vibrations or shaking of the car while driving or at the beginning of its movement.

All these signs indicate serious malfunctions in the operation of the car and require immediate contact with the appropriate service.

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A modern approach

All services provided by us are carried out using up-to-date modern technologies, the best diagnostic and auxiliary equipment.

Help from experienced repairmen.

All employees of CarCityCare have more than one year of experience in this field – our specialists will cope with problems of any complexity.

High-quality components

We use only high-quality spare parts, consumables and tools in our work – we are able to provide the best service and care to your car thanks to this approach.

Round-the-clock support

For our customers' peace of mind, CarCityCare has a 24-hour support program, thanks to which you can contact us with any question or problem at a time convenient for you.

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You can ask for help in our Car City Care service
You can get car technical inspection, repair and maintenance services in our CarCityCare auto service.

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Car City Care is a proven car service in the Cricklewood area.

The use of car service allows the car owner to get a deeper and more thorough inspection of the car, identify all possible problems and prevent their development in the near future. During this procedure, a thorough check of the brake system, oil, filters, and other mechanical and electronic systems of the car is carried out.

Contacting the CarCityCare repair men will help you avoid serious breakdowns, prolong the performance of your car and provide exceptional driving comfort. In case of identification of any problems, car service workers offer repair services, replacement of worn-out spare parts and technical fluids.

CarCityCare is located in the Cricklewood area, London. Here you can be sure of the reliability of the technical inspection, high quality and durability of any repair or maintenance services performed.


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01. In what cases is it necessary to contact the car service?

It is necessary to carry out a technical inspection at least once a year or every 12,000 miles. However, in case of occurrence of at least one of the main signs of breakdowns, a premature visit to a car service may be necessary.

02. What are the main signs of a car breakdown?

The occurrence of problems with the car may be indicated by the corresponding warning lights on the dashboard, the appearance of strange unnatural sounds or smells, mechanical fluid leaks under the hood, a noticeable decrease in power while driving, a decrease in the efficiency of the brakes, the appearance of smoke, as well as unusual vibrations or trembling of the vehicle.

03. Why is regular technical inspection so important?

Carrying out timely maintenance in a proven car service makes it possible to save the car owner's personal funds in the long term, reducing the likelihood of serious vehicle breakdowns in the future.

04. Can service maintenance improve car performance?

Timely contacting the car service helps the car to work more efficiently by replacing worn-out parts, technical fluids and filters, prompt repair of any breakdowns that have occurred.

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