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Car remapping is the process of changing the factory settings and the software of the engine control unit (ECU) in order to improve the performance or economy of the car.

Chipping is performed by installing third-party software on the ECU to replace the factory software. The updated system with settings adjusted for a specific car makes adjustments to the vehicle operation processes, thereby achieving the necessary parameters. This process can be performed non-invasively (by connecting a laptop to the OBD port) or invasively (by mechanically removing the old chip and installing a new one) depending on the novelty of the car model.

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Why is the car being remapped?

Remapping makes it possible to increase the performance of the vehicle, increase its efficiency,
change the engine management processes and many other functional indicators.
In general, such positive results can be achieved by chipping:

Only the driver decides how to customize the car and what effects to achieve.


improved engine performance, a significant increase in power and overall technical performance


possibility to use the engine as efficiently as possible

increasing fuel economy


increasing the speed and power of the car's torque operation

expanding driving opportunities for the owner

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Contact a reputable company that can provide you with a warranty for the software being replaced, if you are thinking about making a decision to remap a car.
Software reinstallation services are offered by CarCityCare company – we can remap your car to change any performance settings you are interested in.

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Remapping a car has a large number of advantages, especially in the event of the expiration of the official warranty period. If you are seriously thinking about carrying out this procedure, please contact the specialists of CarCityCare. We will quickly and efficiently answer any of your questions, calculate the cost of the services you are interested in, perform reconfiguration and installation of new software.

Should I think about remapping a car?

When studying the above information, you may wonder: "Is the chipping process useful or dangerous directly for the car itself?". It is important to realize that any intrusion into the vehicle factory settings is associated with certain risks – especially if a person without sufficient experience or skills will deal with this issue.

In most cases, the remapping procedure is relevant for the modernization and improvement of rather outdated cars, because modern technologies make it possible to achieve more balanced and efficient performance of such vehicles. Owners of new generation cars need to use chip services more carefully – remapping can affect the vehicle validity of insurance and also its warranty.


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01. What goals does remapping help to achieve?

By updating the vehicle's software, you can achieve better performance, increase efficiency, and significantly modernize the vehicle's handling processes. Thus, properly conducted remapping can affect the comfort and optimize the driving process.

02. Why should not new cars be chipped?

Remapping can affect the insurance and warranty of the vehicle – some services refuse to pay customers in case of remapping.

03. Is it possible to remap electric vehicles?

It is theoretically possible to make changes to the software of electric vehicles, but reliable solutions and third-party resources for carrying out such procedures are still at the development and testing stage. The remapping service is currently unavailable for electric vehicles for these reasons.

04. Do I need to use a higher quality fuel after remapping?

The owner can continue to use the usual fuel if it did not cause damage to the car before remapping.

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