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When to change the car oil filter?

When to change the car oil filter?

Regular replacement of the oil filter is an important aspect of the maintenance of any vehicles, with the exception of electric vehicles. A properly installed oil filter cleans technical fluids from combustion products, dirt and carbon deposits, thereby maintaining a high level of lubrication of the main engine elements.

Maintaining the cleanliness of the oil filter protects the parts from mechanical damage and premature wear, reduces friction, and also prolongs the internal combustion engine working life.

When to change the oil filter?

It is recommended to replace the oil filter simultaneously with the replacement of the lubricating fluid – otherwise, the new oil will automatically become contaminated with dirt and soot particles accumulated in the filter, which will significantly shorten the service life of the technical fluid.

Thus, the answer to the question: "When to change the oil filter?" is worth looking for in your own car, or rather, the type of oil you use:

  • the mineral oil filter needs to be replaced every 4,000 miles;
  • the semi-synthetic oil filter needs to be replaced every 7,000 miles;
  • the synthetic oil filter needs to be replaced once every 10,000 miles.

It should be borne in mind that a number of factors can negatively affect the condition of the oil filter and significantly accelerate the need for its replacement:

  • long-term daily operation of the car in an urban environment at low speed;
  • frequent and short trips of less than 10 miles;
  • regular trailer towing over long distances;
  • driving in extreme conditions (off-road, high or low temperatures, bad weather).

Eliminating such situations can help extend the service life of your oil filter, reduce the internal combustion engine moving parts wear rate and save money in the long run.

Why should I change the oil filter regularly?

During the operation of the car, this device gradually becomes clogged, accumulating particles of carbon, dust and dirt from the surfaces of motor parts in the filter element. Thus, the functional properties of the contaminated oil filter gradually deteriorate, the device begins to pass less and less clean lubricating fluid.

Reducing the volume of oil entering the engine elements leads to a number of serious consequences, which will be much more difficult and more expensive to eliminate than to carry out timely maintenance of the oil filter.

What happens if I forget to change the oil filter?

A large amount of pure oil is required for the proper operation of the internal combustion engine system. Prolonged operation of a vehicle with a clogged oil filter leads to the lubricating fluid volume decrease and serious engine damage.

First of all, there are violations of the oil circulation normal processes, which causes the motor to overheat and may turn off while driving. In addition, the internal combustion engine moving elements load increases significantly, which is why parts and seals quickly wear out and fail. Over time, there is a significant loss of power of the entire vehicle, there are problems with starting the engine and increased fuel consumption.

How to understand that it's time to change the oil filter?

It is possible to accurately determine the degree of contamination of the oil filter only by disassembling and visually assessing the condition of this device – you can apply for such a service to any trusted car service.

Fortunately for drivers, there are a number of signs by which it is possible to determine the need to replace the oil filter:

  • the need for an oil change is approaching;
  • the engine began to noticeably overheat;
  • increased fuel consumption;
  • the engine started to work unstable, the power dropped.

If you notice at least one of the signs of clogging and need to replace the oil filter, contact a trusted car service for diagnostics and maintenance of your car.

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