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Clutch repair

Clutch repair

Any car is a complex structure consisting of functional components and mechanical connections. Only well-coordinated work and serviceability of all components provide the owner of the vehicle with safe, easy and comfortable driving.

One of the most important components of the car is the clutch – a mechanism designed to connect the shaft coming from the engine with the shafts for rotating the wheels. The main purpose of the clutch is to control this connection and transmit signals about gear shifting.

What I need to know about the clutch.

The mechanism consists of the following components:

  • flywheel;
  • driven disk;
  • pressure plate;
  • release bearing.

The clutch works according to this principle: pressing the pedal performs a mechanical effect on the release bearing, which deepens the pressure plate towards the flywheel. As a result, the torque ceases to affect the gearbox.

Releasing the pedal restores the previous position of the spring – thus the torque continues to be supplied from the flywheel to the gearbox. How to behave in case of problems with the clutch.

The main reason for the breakdown of this mechanism is natural wear – the parts lose their original functionality and become more fragile after a certain period of operation, which is why they withstand loads worse. It is possible to determine the wear of the clutch by timely maintenance and inspection of the car – a qualified specialist will easily notice the problem and indicate the need for its solution.

It is important to understand that it is strictly prohibited to use a car with a faulty clutch – such a malfunction significantly affects traffic safety, can lead to accidents on the road and a sudden complete stop of the car without the possibility of further movement.

Why should I choose Car City Care?

The main goal of our car service is to quickly and efficiently free customers of any problems associated with their cars. Thus, CarCityCare takes care of road safety and provides customers with full driving comfort.

We offer a wide range of services that may interest you: clutch repair or its replacement, general repairs, repair of the radiator and cooling system, engine, brake system, oil and oil filter replacement, preventive maintenance, etc.

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