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Well, whether you buy a classic car or a modern car, one thing that you should not forget about is the repair cost. Buying a car is a one-time investment, but repair or maintenance is a recurring expenditure and is also unavoidable. Here is a brief comparison of repair costs between classic and modern cars Clutch Repair Cricklewood.


The first thing you will need while car repair is Parts. With modern cars, chances are you will find parts easily without any hassle and may or may not be expensive depending on the maker of your car. As a rule of thumb, the more expensive the car is, its parts would be expensive Clutch Repair Harrow.

Parts for classic cars are comparatively cheaper. You can find them in second-hand markets or in scrap yards. But finding parts for a classic car can be a hell lot of trouble. You will need to search several scrape yards and second-hand markets to find the perfect part for your classic car, and it can be a real headache of Clutch Repair Kilburn.

Computer Work

Modern cars come with loads of electronics and computer works. From fuel injection systems to ignition and automatic transmission, everything involves electronics. So, whenever there is a fault with the electronic system, you will need a specialist to run the diagnostics and resolve the issue. You might also need to install new sensors and electronics. All these things would only add up to your repair cost for DPF Cleaning Cricklewood.

On the other hand, classic cars have a simple mechanism that a mechanic can easily understand, and you can even do it yourself if you have the right knowledge. Moreover, the mechanical parts in a classic, when faulty, can be stripped and rebuilt again, and you would not be required to buy a whole new mechanical system DPF Cleaning Harrow.

Body Repair

Modern cars are made with high-strength steel panels which crumple in case of an accident. These are different from regular steel and require a special set of skills and training to repair. Damaged pieces have to be replaced with a new piece (which is expensive), requiring welding on MIG or TIG. All this takes around 10-12 hours of labor work DPF Cleaning Wembley.

Classic cars are made of mild steel, and repairing them is a lot easier than modern cars. Hammer it, slap it and paint it. That’s it. Nothing needs to be done more. However, because of more steel, classic cars or more prone to rust which requires regular maintenance; otherwise, it would lead to more damages. More maintenance means more cost DPF Cleaning Kilburn.

The Labour

Modern are built with special mechanisms and repairing them needs special equipment and trained technicians to take care of them. And as these skills and equipment sound fancy, their cost is also fancy. On average, the maintenance cost of a modern car in the UK is £1,295.52 per year, which includes fuel, cleaning, and regular maintenance Clutch Repair Wembley.

On the other hand, classic cars are much easier to maintain, and much of the repair work can be done by yourself. If there is a fault with any mechanism, you can easily strip it, repair it, and put it back together. There is no need for expensive equipment and special skills to Oil change Wembley.

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